Users Can Also Make Donations In Bitgive With ETH, LTC And DASH

BitGive, the association dedicated to the development of charitable projects financed with bitcoin, expanded the payment options so that users can donate to different causes. This Wednesday, April 17 announced an association agreement with the Uphold platform, which will allow you to receive contributions with nine other cryptocurrencies in addition to bitcoin.
In a post published in the official blog of the association, it is explained that the option of payments through Uphold will be integrated, through an interface (API), to the platform for tracking donations GiveTrack. The integration opens the possibility of contributing to the BitGive charitable projects using several cryptoactives, including ether , litecoin , dash , BAT, BCH, BTG, XRP, LBA, UPBTC and UPUSD, as well as other 23 global fiduciary currencies .
GiveTrack, the BitGive donation tracking application , is a tool based on distributed accounting. This feature allows donors to track the funds corresponding to their contribution in the Bitcoin block chain. In this way it offers the possibility of linking the donations with the projects in which they are invested.
"This is an extremely exciting and long-awaited partnership for us," said Connie Gallippi, founder and CEO of BitGive. He explained that thanks to the integration with UpHold, they will be able to open the platform "to a completely new audience" . In his opinion, the fundamental thing of the agreement is that they manage to increase the accessibility of GiveTrack, and, at the same time, they maintain the experience of follow-up of donations.
BitGive works on charitable projects in Africa, America and Asia, especially related to the control of diseases such as Ebola, access to drinking water and support for children in vulnerable situations. Some of these projects are developed in Chile and Venezuela.
For its part, UpHold operates in 184 countries and supports operations in 30 different currencies, including crypto-active, fiat currency and commodities. According to the statement, Uphold has mobilized more than USD 4 billion in transactions globally.
Robin O'Connell, Uphold's revenue director, said it was inspiring to work with BitGive. "This is a perfect example of how blockchain and cryptocurrency can be applied in the philanthropic ecosystem," he said.

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Published: 19-04-2019, 08:59

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