Mcaffe: the author of bitcoin's white paper "resides in the United States"

"The mystery of Who is Satoshi? Must end!". These were the opening words of a tweet published by John McAfee on Wednesday, in which he claims to know the identity behind the creator of Bitcoin.
The controversial expert in cybersecurity said that the creator of Bitcoin is neither the CIA nor any government agency in the world. Thus, the creator of Bitcoin would be a "collection of people" . However, the authorship of the Bitcoin white paper would have been in the hands of a person "currently residing in the United States ."
The American threatened to reveal the identity of the author of the white paper unless he does it himself: "unless he goes ahead, these advances will continue," he said. In a comment made in the same thread, the programmer declared that he has protected the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, but the time has come for the matter to end.
McAfee's comments were made on his official profile, which is littered with photos alluding to his presidential campaign. Recently, he revealed that he will participate in the US presidential election of 2020 from a boat, due to the accusations against him about tax evasion and the use of cryptocurrencies "for criminal purposes".

Published: 19-04-2019, 09:10

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