The criptoempesa Binance announced Thursday 18 the creation of a blockchain for its own BNB crypto, Binance Chain. In the new core

BitMEX indicated this April 12 that the Bitcoin mining SV (BSV) has accumulated a loss of approximately USD 2.2 million since its

During the last week, the processing power of the Litecoin network has been twice over its historical maximum. First, on April 8, when

Due to the low demand of farm spaces for cryptocurrency mining in Sichuan, China, operators have had to reduce significantly the price

Ethereum Classic (ETC) is preparing for a major update that has been called Atlantis. It includes a hard bifurcation that will be

The Telegram instant messaging service will launch a private beta test of its blockchain, Telegram Open Network (TON, experts in

According to experts in the course of forensics International Institute Cybersecurity (IICS), some centers minefield of cryptocurrency

The first grant proposal from the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) Moloch was presented and will be put to vote soon,

The Beam developer team, the privacy-oriented cryptocurrency that uses the MimbleWimble protocol, introduced the first official